Terms & Conditions

The full insurance ceases when:

  • The driver is under the influence of alcohol and/or other substances (drugs, hallucinogenic, etc.)
  • The renter creates a deliberate damage to the car (vandalism, etc.)
  • The driver is not included in the rental agreement
  • The rental agreement has expired and the car has not been returned
  • The car has been driven off the public roads, such as unpaved roads, beaches, etc.

General Conditions

  • The age of the driver should be from 21 years and over
  • The driver must be in possession of a drivers’s licence, valid for at least 1 year
  • The renter is obliged to return the car to the predetermined date and place of receipt, as well as with the agreed fuel level
  • The renter is required to drive the car of easyrent according to safety rules and traffic offences
  • The car of easyrent can only be used on public roads and not on dirt roads and beaches
  • Only people who have signed the rental agreeent with easyrent have the right to drive the car
  • The vehicle may not be used for third-party transfer of passengers or goods for a fee
  • The vehicle may not be rented to third parties
  • It is forbidden to toll other vehicles and to transport flammable materials or illegal substances
  • The participation in racing or competitions is not allowed
  • To use the car outside the area of Crete is alowed only with special permission of easyrent
  • Infringements of coke as well as all administrative costs or fines are exclusively renters obligation
  • In case of an accident or car damage the renter is obliged to communicate directly with the service phonenumber of easyrent who has at his disposal
  • The renter is required to drive the car of easyrent to achieve good and proper function and to lock it when it is not used
  • In case of lost or damaged car key, the renter is obliged to pay the price for its replacement, as well as the distance that easyrent coveres to offer a spare key. This is because all our car keys have a code.